Whale Watching off Nanaimo

Here at Seabreeze Adventures, we are lucky to be located in such a beautiful part of the world but what really puts us at an advantage is our homebase here in Steveston village. Why is that? Apart from Steveston being a beautifully quaint fishing village just outside Vancouver, our location allows us to have a impressively expansive range, covering as far south as Sooke, including US waters and as far north as Howe Sound and north of Nanaimo.On a recent trip of ours, we availed of this advantage of ours and had a trip up past Nanaimo. And it was definitely worth the journey!

The scenery of the gulf islands always adds beauty to our tours

We had travelled this far in the search for some whales to watch and we were not disappointed as we came across some Bigg's Killer Whales!


The fun wasn't over as we made our way back to Steveston as we stopped to look at more wildlife and to take in the gorgeous scenery we had that day.

Sometimes, depending multiple environmental factors, we get lucky enough to see where two different waters meet; Fraser River & Strait of Georgia. Somes the meeting of these two different bodies of water can be quite dramatic and a wonderful sight to see!

Check out the photo below where the green/brown water of the river meets the dark blue of the Salish sea!

Last stop, to say hello to some sleepy Steller Sea Lions, anxious cormorant and a happy banana posing Harbour Seal!


Thanks to all who joined Captain Matthew and Naturalist Shauna. We look forward to seeing you all again! All photos/videos were taken using a Canon camera with a telescopic lens and cropping.

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