And so it begins...

It was a great start to our season this year with our first trip being a private tour on our exciting Zodiac!

Seabreeze's most seasoned Naturalist Ruana joined us for the first time since 2019

We headed out from Steveston on beautifully calm waters and had the sun beaming down on us for the whole trip. Not much heat off it but the sun was a very welcome companion, especially in March! This tour wanted to see the gulf islands and it was the perfect conditions to check out the incredible scenery the Gulf Islands offer.

We had fantastic visibility and could see for miles! The scenery just 2 minutes into our trip was breathtaking and a great reminder as to why Spring is a great time to be out on the water, as long as you're wrapped up nice and warm!

As we headed out, we were greeted by a couple of Stellar Sea Lions, who were very happy to be relaxing on the rocks except for one female who gave us some serious side-eye!

As we got close to Sand Heads lighthouse, we came across a huge flight (group name) of Cormorants. Many of us had never seen such numbers, it was truly a great sight!

The Salish Sea was so calm it looked like a mirror! Our passengers loved weaving around the gulf islands, learning about some of the islands rich history and spotting even more wildlife like some juvenile Bald Eagles. Did you know Bald eagles have very long legs to help them catch their prey?


The highlight of the day, was on our way back we spotted some Dall’s Porpoises! It was the first time seeing this elusive species for many on board and they were too quick for us to capture a photo but everyone will remember the excitement of spotting them! Dall’s Porpoise (Phocoenoides dalli) are a beautiful species of porpoise found in the Salish Sea and are endemic to the North Pacific. They are quite shy and grow to 2-2.2m/6.5-7.2 ft in length. Their white tipped dorsal fin is a key identifying feature. Hopefully we get to see these little guys again and capture a photo!

*Image from "Marine Mammals of the Salish Sea" by Uko Gorter. Posters sold at our office

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