It's been an exciting time here at Seabreeze Adventures! In recent months, there has been some secret doings going on behind the scenes that we can finally share!

Our office here at Seabreeze Adventures has been here on the water in Steveston for 25 years. We used to have a beautiful mural on the side of the building that was sadly destroyed, along with the rest of the office in the winter of 2016. This year, we decided to spruce up and bring the Seabreeze Adventures office into the 2023 season with a bang!
This *bang*? A stunningly beautiful mural created by ex-Seabreeze crew member, the wonderfully talented; Tasli Shaw.

She incorporated so much of what makes Seabreeze, Seabreeze by showcasing some of the gorgeous animals we spot on our tours such as Sea Lions, a Harbour Seal and even an elegant, diving Cormorant! But what really steals the show is the incredible Humpback Whale and calf! But this isn't just any Humpback whale, this is "Big Mama"!

"Big Mama" is a very successful mother Humpback and usually is spotted with a calf by her side. She is a local celebrity who can be spotted in the waters around Vancouver and Vancouver Island during the summer months, looking for the good grub the Salish Sea offers. Tasli has the unique ability to go into amazing detail in her art and really bring her art to life.

More about Tasli and her art in the video below:

Now, without further adieu!

See our beautiful new mural called "Entourage"!

Humpback whale mural
Whale art in Steveston
Seabreeze adventures office
Come to our office to see the real deal and its detail or better yet, join us on one of our tours to see this beauty in real life!

Seabreeze Adventures team would like to thank Tasli Shaw for her skill and hard work and to everyone else involved in the creation and installation.

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