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Seabreeze Adventures opened its doors in 1998. We are small family of nature-obsessed individuals with a commitment to both observing and protecting the incredible creatures we are privileged to witness each day. We employ a passionate and versatile team; some are local, while others are from all around the world.

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Gulf island


Vanessa is a biologist and educator passionately involved with anything green, watery or mountainous!
This love affair started 20 years ago with tracking snakes in Ontario Provincial Parks and continued through work at the Vancouver Aquarium and Metro Vancouver Regional Parks. Her Masters of Ecological Education and work as a Richmond classroom teacher help her to connect classroom learning to outdoor nature spaces. Vanessa is dedicated to connecting people to nature’s awe and wonder, and hopes to inspire care of place and wild things.


Education & Conservation

We are devoted to the safety of the wildlife around us. It is our mission to be climate friendly and to help preserve the natural habitat of the beautiful creatures that we stay in awe of every day. Our tours are environmentally conscious and we collaborate with other eco-tour providers to further conservation efforts.

A portion of all of our proceeds contribute towards local marine research programs, and we are proud to support and be part of the Pacific Whale Watching Association (PWWA). The PWWA was created in 1995 to establish guidelines for the responsible whale watching. For more information and the full list of best practices, please visit the  PWWA website.


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