Expectations vs. Reality of Whale Watching

What should you expect when going on a whale watching trip? Whales of course!

Most want that perfect whale encounter, the one that will leave a lasting impact on your life, a core memory and that amazing Instagram shot to make your friends and David Attenborough jealous! We do too!

Sometimes we have encounters that will last a life time and take everyone's breath away! but most times we encounter whales just going about their daily business when we show up.

With professional cameras more affordable and platforms to share images easily accessible and far reaching, it's no surprise that "the perfect shot" seems more achievable and easily done than ever. But reality isn't at the forefront of social media and expectations encouraged by what we see online, doesn't always match up with reality.

We love to showcase the best shots our naturalists got on our trips but what we don't share on social media are the 100's of blurry, out of focus, too dark, too bright, too shaky, too far away images and videos captured before getting that one shot they're happy to share.

We can't ask them to come up to us (we don't speak whale like Dory) or ask them to put on a show or even guarantee seeing one species over another. It's just a roll of the dice and we love being gamblers!

Everyday we go out, we know that each trip is completely unique and not knowing what we will encounter, is to us, what makes each day so exciting! And we are grateful each time, no matter what we encounter.

Every time we are out and spending time with these amazing, beautiful creatures is a memory to last a life time.
The only time you're 100% guaranteed to not see a whale is if you don't come out and a look!

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