Seeing Double - May 28th

AnOtHeR double whale day?? Amazingly yes! Peak season is just around the corner and out on the water, we can tell! Two species sightings and multiple individuals, it was a long day but a certainly a rewarding day.
A trip for a semi-enclosed tour up north of Nanaimo, where we encountered not just one Humpback whale but spotted multiple! Up to 3 individual whales were spotted from our boat including one known whale; "Anvil".


A detour to catch a glimpse of some Bigg's Killer Whales was worth it as the T101's were spotted. One of the brothers was combing the waters close to land while mother and son were travelling by in our sight. One of the Killer Whales favorite prey species; the Steller Sea Lion were near by, crowded together and roaring at each other in typical Sea Lion behavior.


We had almost a full boat of first-time whale watchers, ones who had never seen a whale before and we have definitely set high standards for their next trip!

Thanks to all who joined Captain Rich and Naturalist Shauna. We look forward to seeing you all again! All photos/videos were taken using a Canon camera with a telescopic lens and cropping. Thanks to Ben for sharing his photos with us!

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