Whale News - a New Visitor!

So much happened on the Victoria Day weekend, we need another blog post!
Once again another Sunday, another tour, another whale. But not just any whale, a new visitor!
Humpback whales are identified by unique physical features such as their tail flukes, this way we can know whos who just through photos. This new visitor is commonly spotted on the west coast of Vancouver Island but on this particular day, was spotted in our waters in the Strait of Georgia!
This Humpback Whale is cleverly nicknamed "Wormhole" due to the interesting hole on their right tail fluke, a very distinguishable feature. Can you spot it in the photos?


Humpback whales often have nicknames in the ID catalogues and it definitely gives us a little bit of a personal connection when we see returning individuals. One famous return whale is Big Mama, nicknamed for her breeding success, she is often spotted with a calf by her side. We have an accurate depiction of her and a calf on the side of our office, down to minute details of her tail flukes! Definitively check it out when visiting us.

More wildlife spotted on this trip, with adorable Harbour Seals and a majestic Bald eagle resting in the trees.


Thanks to all who joined Captains Scott & Rich and Naturalists Vanessa & Camryn along with crew member Ruana! We look forward to seeing you all again! Photos/videos are cropped & were taken with a canon camera using a telephoto lens

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