Midsummer Whales

Summer is really kicking off here at Seabreeze Adventures and in the Salish Sea. We've had encounter, after encounter, after encounter! Some amazing sights for a few of our lucky passengers and amazing weather to top it off.
June 19th was an extraordinary day with an encounter with the T046Bs & T085s putting on a hell of show near Salt Spring Island! Our passengers got to enjoy witnessing a success hunt followed by a great celebration. Behaviors such as flipper slaps, cartwheels and even breaching! These acrobatic Bigg's Killer Whales really showed the best of their abilities on this day! Lucky for our owner Suki and new captain Luke to enjoy too! (I know your reading this Luke!)

June 20th, had trips close to home and to Vancouver city with a quick spin up north towards Howe Sound. The same two pods of Bigg's Killer Whales were spotted; the T046Bs and T085B as the previous day.


Always a great sight on our tours is a large gathering of Steller Sea Lions! Even though they have so much space on this mini island, they still pile on top of each other!


Male Steller Sea Lions can weigh up to 2,500 pounds! Check out the size difference between this large male moving between the other females.

Thanks to all who joined Captains Lloyd, Luke, Sam, Raphael & Rick and Naturalists Jade, Selena & Shauna. We look forward to seeing you all again! Photos/videos were taken using a Canon camera with a telescopic lens and cropping.

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