May 6th- More Whale Watching off Nanaimo

Another trip up north to waters off of Nanaimo with both our semi-enclosed and zodiac tour vessels. It was a typical Pacific Northwest vibe with a cloudy grey sky, but the anticipation among our crew and whale watchers was shining bright!  
The journey was worth the wait as once we arrived on scene, it didn't take long for all of us to spot the magnificent Bigg's Killer Whales, the T036A's!  

We had a fantastic encounter with this large gathering of Transient Killer Whales, see more photo taken on the day below.


Our tour would be quite complete without a stopping to see some pinnipeds! We got both Harbour seals and Steller sea lions all cramped up together on some sheltered rocks.


Thanks to all who joined Captains Rich & Sam and Naturalists Selena & Shauna along with photographer Ruana! We look forward to seeing you all again!

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