Ultimate T-Party & Lunging

Another day of being absolutely spoilt on the water for both our Zodiac and Semi-enclosed tours!
A zoom across the strait over to Gabriola Island in gorgeous weather was the first treat of the day but we had no idea what we were into.

Seabreeze 1 - Zodiac Tour

An ultimate T-party of 3 different T-pods aka transient Killer Whales also known as Bigg's Killers Whales.
Pods; T100, T124As and T103 were all hanging out together by Gabriola Island and Valdes Island. It was an amazing sight seeing all these families in such close proximity. Everywhere we looked there was a Killer Whale surfacing!


An amazing day wasn't over for us as on the way back to Steveston, we came across a lunge feeding Humpback Whale! Lunge feeding is when whales come from below their prey and entrap their prey in their mouth, basically taking a big, fast gulp towards the surface. They then filter the water out through their baleen, leaving all the yummy food in their mouths. Check out the video below, taken by passenger Jeff of the Humpback lunge feeding!

Humpback whale lunge feeding captured by passenger Oliver Gayle

Last treats of the day were of course the usual sight of Harbour Seals and Sea Lions. Everyday is an adventure with Seabreeze Adventures!

Female Californian Sea Lion
Male Californian Sea Lion
Harbour Seals

Thanks to all who joined Captains Richard & Lloyd and Naturalists Camryn & Shauna. We look forward to seeing you all again! Some photos/videos were taken using a Canon camera with a telescopic lens and cropping and others by passengers.

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