Summer is here, Whales are Here - June 1st

More adventures at Seabreeze Adventures, kicking off June with a bang! We had our Semi-enclosed and Zodiac tours out and were hit straight away with a bang! aka Orcas!

Whale watching boat watching orcas off Vancouver
Seabreeze 1 watching the Orcas

We hadn't gone far into the Strait of Georgia before a pod of Bigg's Killer Whales was spotted. This particular pod was three females travelling north and appeared to be stalking a seal. Bigg's Killer Whales are the mammal eating ecotype of Killer Whales and are very successful top predators. A lone seal in the strait would be an easy meal for an experienced pod such as this one but sometimes we don't get to witness these events. We had watched for as long as we were allowed, hoping to catch a glimpse of this behavior but these are wild animals going about their day and we should never expect any particular behavior when we watch them from the sidelines. Seeing Orcas in their natural habitat is always a beautiful sight no matter what the behavior we observe.


The day wasn't over, as soon after our Orca encounter we got not just one but three Humpback whales! Close to Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal, some lucky ferry passengers may have spotted us in the distance along with the Humpbacks.


In-between the excitement of seeing a second cetacean species on the same trip, we got a THIRD! A pod of shy Harbour Porpoises were quickly breaking the surface while the Humpbacks were diving in the distance. It's always fun spotting Harbour porpoises as they are gone as quickly as they are spotted but there were so many on this particular day, everyone got to catch a glimpse of one of the worlds smallest cetaceans!

As we were over in the home of the ferries, we did a quick stop to see the Steller Sea Lions resting on the moorings by the coal port. Wildlife such as Sea Lions have done very well to adapt and live aside us humans. However, seeing these incredible animals so close to our activities is a great reminder that we have a responsibility to give them space and protect them.

Male Steller Sea Lion

Thanks to all who joined Captains Richard & Rick and Naturalists Theresa & Shauna. We look forward to seeing you all again! Photos/videos were taken using a Canon camera with a telescopic lens and cropping.

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