April 3rd Whale Watching Trip

Best way to beat the Monday blues?

We had a last minute trip after getting a boat load of walk-ins in the morning all eager to make the most of the weather and go on an adventure and find some whales and wildlife! Every passenger on this trip had never seen a whale before which made this particular trip even more tantalizing!

We headed out across the Strait of Georgia after stopping to watch some Bald Eagles and a few sleepy Californian Sea Lions to head down along the east coast of Galiano Island and through Active Pass where we were greeted by some cheeky Steller Sea Lions. The chilly weather was typical of April in Vancouver but these guys didn't seem to mind and were happy to put on a bit of a show.

The search for whales was still on as the sun hid behind the clouds and as we went around Salt Spring Island enjoying the spectacular scenery unfold around us. Even with the sun alluding us, everyone brightened up when we got two Orcas (Bigg's Killer Whales) in Stuart Channel!

The patience of everyone on board was rewarded with the sight of T049A2 "Jude" and T049C "Nielson"! Their massive dorsal fins were a dramatic and very welcome sight as they cut the surface. Our whale watching could finally begin!

This uncle and nephew duo are part of the T049 family, one of our favorite's Killer Whale families! Born in 1998, T049C "Nielson" has two small notches about 3/4 of the way down the back of his dorsal fin. Can you guess who is who in the photo above? (Answer is in the name of the photo)

Thanks to all who joined Captain Scott and Naturalist Shauna !

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