Double Whale Day

The good weather is back along with the Humpbacks! A trip over to the Canadian Gulf Islands during our whale watching tour, had a world full of wonder for us to find!
A sweet start with some adorable Harbour Seals before a spotting a few Bald Eagles and a Turkey Vulture. A great start to our adventure with so much wildlife spotted even before the whales!  

Check them out in the photos below!


Our patience was rewarded with the sight of a young Humpback Whale off of North Pender Island. This young Humpback Whale was travelling at a relaxed pace which was great for everyone on board to get a good look and enjoy our time with this whale. They were identified with the unique coloration and markings of their tail flukes and this whale was BCZ0414 aka "Zephyr". A young Humpback born in 2011, it was great to see them back in these waters again!

Check out the photos of this majestic creature below


Our lucky day wasn't over as a little further South we headed down and came across some Bigg's Killer Whales! The pod we got to see were the T065a's and they were having a nice afternoon travelling west.

One last stop to look at some Steller Sea Lions before we headed across the Strait back home. A fantastic trip with loads of wildlife and two species of whales!

Thanks to all who joined Captain Rich and Naturalist Shauna! We look forward to seeing you all again! Photos/videos are cropped & were taken with a canon camera using a telephoto lens

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