Father's Day Weekend Whale Watching

"Junuary" hit us this June with wind cancellation, after wind cancellation, after more wind cancellations! Luckily, father's day weekend wasn't spoiled and we had good weather to head out and see some whales!
Both Saturday and Sunday tours were crewed by Captain Lloyd and Naturalist Camryn and they definitely had a lucky streak going for the weekend especially for Orcas!
Saturday, our semi-enclosed vessel Crazy Legs was out and about and found some Bigg's Killer Whales off of Wreck Beach so pretty close to home in whale distance standards. They displayed some amazing behaviors such as spyhopping and what appeared to be a hunt.
There was only 2 individuals spotted that day but they definitely put on a show for our passengers!


Following on from the success of Saturday, Father's Day on Sunday 18th had more Orca success for those on board Crazy Legs! Another close to home encounter was unexpected but a very welcome surprise.
Bigg's Killer whale pod the T137's were spotted headed towards our home port so it was an easy ride out to find them. Their behavior was also interesting to view as they started out spread out before joining together again in what appeared to be hunting behavior too! It was a pleasant trip for everyone on board and a great way to celebrate father's day!


On the way back up the Frazer River to the Seabreeze office, there was a lone harbour seal enjoying a rest on some soft grass on the banks of the river. They definitely encapsulated the mood of the day; chillaxed.

Thanks to all who joined Captain Lloyd and Naturalist Camryn & crew member Elliot on a great father's day weekend! Some photos/videos were taken using a Canon camera with a telescopic lens and cropping.

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