Mother's Day Weekend & May 10th Trips

Hump day, mother's day, whale day!
We had another close to home encounter, smack bang in the middle of the week on May 10th. Great weather and great company, everyone on board enjoyed the time we had with some Bigg's Killer whales! This particular pod were the "" and they were enjoying their day  travelling south.

See some of the photos from that trip below :


We had our usual crew welcoming us back; some friendly Sea Lions!

Rolling on from midweek fun, Mother's day weekend started out extremely well with not only  just one species but two and not just one whale of each species but a total of eight whales spotted on the same trip! Some days are just pure luck!
The first encounter was a magnificent encounter with a Humpback Whale and then another, and then another! Travelling close together it was great seeing these mighty creatures back again in the waters off Vancouver!


The fun wasn't over as we got word that there was another famous species spotted close to where we were and soon enough we found them! The energetic Bigg's Killer Whale family of the T124A's! It was the cherry on top of an absolutely stunning day to encounter Orcas after the Humpback whale encounter so close to Vancouver!


This family of Orcas were on the hunting prowl for some prey. These are marine mammal eating Killer Whales and one of their prey species;  the Harbour Seal was hanging out near by. Check out the lovely fellows in the photo below.

Harbour Seals hiding from Killer Whales

Thanks to all who joined Captains Matthew, Sam, Rich & Scott and Naturalists Selena, Shauna & Vanessa along with crew member Elliot. We look forward to seeing you all again! All photos/videos were taken using a Canon camera with a telescopic lens and cropping.

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