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Price Duration Departing from Product code

$155.00 for adults
$135.00 for students and seniors
$95.00 for children 3-12

no charge for children under 3 years

3 to 5 Hours  Steveston Harbor, Richmond BC P0VRTV

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**Please note: If you require shuttle service we pick up at most hotels in downtown Vancouver and Richmond. If we cannot pick up at the location you enter we will contact you to let you know.** 

Enter the realm of the killer whales, humpbacks and more! Leaving from the beautiful and historical fishing village of Steveston, we head out into the Strait of Georgia and head into the islands for the ultimate wildlife experience. We have expert guides on board who live and breathe the pacific northwest. Many of them help participate in whale research happening on the coast and their passion really enhances the experience. On board, we have lots of educational material, water and snacks but we do encourage our passengers to bring food with them as the trips can be between 3 and 5 hours (or longer)! Luckily, Steveston has lots of great options to pick up a lunch before the trip leaves. We are approximately a 25 minute drive from downtown Vancouver and having that location a bit further south means we are closer to the action and the commute time to the whales is usually much shorter. There are lots of great transportation options to get to us, like our skytrain or city bus, but furthermore, we have company shuttles that can pick you up right at your hotel for only $10 more per guest round-trip! We have extremely high success rates in whale sightings, from orca, to humpbacks and more! Plus, if we don’t see any species of whale, you get a voucher to come back for free! Book your trip today!

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