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Two Departures per Day!

The time is finally here….we now have two departures a day! As of June 15th you can chose to either book a 9am or a 2pm departure. This opens up the opportunity for you morning people to get out whale watching in the morning and then spend your afternoon exploring the village! If you’re flying or driving in from out of town a 2pm departure is perfect for you. Grab a lunch at any of Steveston’s cafes and come join us for an evening tour. 


Each of the tours are an average of 3 to 5 hours long, and every day is different! The boats head out along the Fraser River and out into the Georgia Straight. Being apart of the Pacific Whale Watch Association allows our captains and naturalists to communicate with other whale watching companies to find the whales as quickly as possible.   

We want to ensure everyone has the best experience possible, our 3 semi-enclosed vessels each have an upper viewing deck, an unenclosed back deck, and the whole interior is filled with windows. This means there are views from every angle!


With two departure times going out a day this maximizes everyone’s opportunity to see the beautiful whales that reside in our waters. You can head onto the booking tab on our website and set up your tour or give us a call and our amazing office staff can help you!



Be sure to check out our Instagram @seabreezeadventures for our daily pictures and check back here for some future blog posts!

  • Sydney (Naturalist)

Pictures in order of posted:

Marcella Battista

Holly Fellowes

Sydney Gass

Janelle Lynnae

Ruana Singh

What’s New This Season at Seabreeze?

Ready for another season filled with whale watching adventures?

Another exciting season of whale watching is under way for us at Steveston Seabreeze Adventures and we have been having an absolute blast out on the water! Orca whales, Grey whales, Humpbacks and Stellar and California sea lions have graced us with their presence nearly every single day since we opened for the season on April 1st.

Over the last week, we have seen Orca T’s T101’s and 123’s, Porpoises, Humpbacks, bald eagles and Stellar sea lions. The sea lions are slowly leaving to continue their migration journeyso sightings will be less and less frequent until they are completely absent for the rest of the season. On May 14th, we saw all of the aforementioned creatures near Bowen Island – all in one magical day! On May 17th, we saw an incredible pack of 40 Orca T’s north of Nanaimo! Needless to say, we have been blessed with a great variety of sightings lately. Over the last couple of days, the Humpbacks have truly given us an amazing show! They appeared in the middle of the gulf, in Point Roberts and near Galiano Island. They’re the true stars of the week!

This picture was taken by an on-board passenger, Julian So. It was captured on an iPhone, if you can believe it! This was such a treat for our guests this Victoria Day Long Weekend!

Welcoming back our enthusiastic staff!

Some things at Steveston Seabreeze Adventures never change; we are lucky here at Seabreeze to have some returning staff that have been with us for years. Pictured below are two of our long-time Team members Holly and Ruana. These two are multi-talented. Not only do they guide our eco-tours as Marine Naturalists and help out in the office when needed, they also operate the boats as Captains (not all at once, of course!). Additionally, they take some pretty epic photos (see below)! They are our resident wonder-women and we are so happy to have them with us year after year.

Each year, we get to spend our days on the water watching whales and other wonderful creatures with our passionate team – and this season is no exception!

So what has changed since last season?

Last year, we had a season that was absolutely amazing! We had so many beautiful, sunny days observing the wonderful creatures who call BC waters their home. We also had the most amazing passengers we could ever ask for – as usual! However, we did have one major setback…

In December 2016, due to circumstances beyond our control, our office burned down. An electrical fire started overnight, and by the morning, the office that had sat on our dock for over 60 years was damaged beyond repair. We installed a portable office for our 2017 season. Our lovely office staff had to operate in much tighter headquarters than they were used to. It was an opportunity for us to be as adaptable as possible, and we couldn’t be more thankful that our passengers checking in understood and adapted with us.

Our new office!

Throughout our off-season following the 2017 Season (between November 1st and March 31st), we worked hard to implement a brand-new building in time for our 2018 season. Rising from the ashes, the result was our GORGEOUS new office. We think it looks amazing, if we do say so ourselves! What do you think?


Seabreeze 1!

Another exciting change for this season – and last season, when we first added it – was the addition of our Zodiac style boat. We named it “Seabreeze 1.” This boat is best for maximum adventure! You will be zipped up in your orange safety-suit for the tour to keep you nice and warm. Our Zodiac vessel is faster than our semi-enclosed boats, with a wide-open view of the beauty around you on the water. It is hard not to feel totally immersed in your dreamy surroundings with the wind in your hair!

Many customers still love our semi-enclosed boats, as the enclosed area of the boat means more warmth and a more relaxing journey. You can still stand on our viewing deck and get great photos, but have the area where you are seated comfortably covered in the interior of the boat.

Have you been out on the water with us yet? If not, we would love to have you! Give us a call or book your trip here. We still have our early bird promotion on of 20 percent off of our regular rate. Book ASAP to get this deal – for our May departures only.

If you have been on an adventure with us this season already, why not throw us a line on TripAdvisor? Holly, pictured left with another one of our lovely, long-time Naturalists Marcella. already has 5 shout-outs on TripAdvisor for her awesome work. And that’s just from this season alone!

We are so proud, and we can’t wait to hear more about your experience with us as the season progresses.

Sad to Say Goodbye to Summer? Maybe a SALE Will Cheer You Up!


20% discount valid on the purchase from Sept 1, 2017 – Oct 31, 2017 unless stated otherwise.

Use code SEABREEZE20 to save up to $26!

Or when booking a group of 4, 4th participant is FREE! 

** Conditions apply.

  1. Valid online or in-house purchases.
  2. Cannot be allowed to previous purchases or the purchase of gift cards or with any other offer/coupons.
  3. Cannot be redeemed by cash.
  4. Terms are subject to change.

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New Boat! – The Seabreeze Fleet is Expanding


Here at Seabreeze our fleet is expanding! Brand new this season we have a newly-built zodiac style vessel available for tours. This state of the art 12-passenger open vessel offers open air viewing for those looking for a true adventure ride.

Upon check in you’ll get suited up to keep you warm in the open air. You’ll then board with your Captain and Naturalist and be on your way! Under your seats you’ll find storage so you can still keep your belongings and snacks for the trip with you.

Like all the trips on our well-loved 23-passenger semi-enclosed boats we will provide water and granola bars. There is a small toilet on board.

Like all our whale tours, if you don’t see a whale come back for free!

Best of all, you get to enjoy the tour at same prices as Semi-enclosed boat! The rate starts from $80 plus GST on this vessel.

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Important News & Updates for 2017

Hello everyone, and thank you for considering us for your 2017 whale watching or fishing adventure! We have a few big announcements and changes we wanted to bring to your attention before the season is underway.

First, there was an unfortunate electrical fire that occurred at our office building over the winter. Luckily no one was injured, but the office itself and most of its contents were destroyed by the fire. As a result, we will be rebuilding a brand new office building for the upcoming season. This will NOT affect our start date of April 1st, or any of our tours. None of the boats were affected and we will have an office space up and running soon!

Because of the fire however, we are asking anyone who made a reservation before 2017 for an upcoming trip (especially anyone who made an early fishing trip booking, which is not saved in the same online system as our whale watching charters) to PLEASE contact us to confirm that we have your reservation on file for this season. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause and hope to be able to sort out all the bookings prior to your fishing trips.

In more positive and exciting news, we also have a new vessel joining our whale watching fleet this year, a 12 passenger open zodiac! Its construction is now underway and we look forward to updating you with photos and booking dates for that vessel as soon as it’s ready!

Thank you all for your understanding while we rebuild and expand, and despite any changes we go through, we look forward to providing you with the same level of service you’ve come to expect from us over the years in this upcoming season as well.

Please don’t hesitate to email us at with any questions and we will see you for the 2017 season!

May updates

We are rolling along in the spring and have already been very fortunate to share many wonderful encounters with our guests.

A young humpback whale has been traversing the Gulf Islands for the last few days, and has been a sheer delight to view. The photos speak for themselves …



The Biggs (transient) orcas have been out in force in the Salish Sea for the last few weeks. They are without question the ocean’s top predator, and we are lucky enough to have them here in British Columbia.

Here are some of the highlights from the orcas so far:



Also delighting us these past few weeks have been the California sea lions on the Steveston Jetty! They have been seen hauled out on the rocks with steller sea lions (the blonde coloured individual seen here on the right).



As always, keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page for updates and specials!
Call our office at 604-272-7200 or toll free 1-888-272-7203

page monitor

Off to an amazing start

We are a mere 2 and half weeks into our 2013 whale watching season and already have fabulous tales to tell of encounters with sea lions, eagles, and orcas. The windy weather kept us off the water for a few days, but once the wind blew itself out, we have been left with sunny days and calm seas.

The spring is the time to see congregations of male California sea lions on the Steveston jetty. There have even been a few steller sea lions hanging out with them! The glossy, dark brown fur distinguishes the California sea lion from the copper tones of the steller sea lion in the photo below.




And the ever enduring harbour seals have been charming us as usual!


The bald eagles have been out in force as well, as they reestablish their nesting sites and start to lay their eggs, in anticipation for the salmon spawning in the summer.


eagle-spieden-web We have had several encounters with transient/Bigg’s killer whales, the marine mammal eating specialists. Several dozen different matrilineal groups have been sighted throughout the Gulf and San Juan Islands the last couple of weeks, here are a few highlights from our encounters with them.




Whales April 2013



T123-T123A-T123B copy

t65A2-T65A4We are eager to share more of this amazing ecosystem with our guests. Don’t forget to keep an eye on our Facebook Page for updates and specials.


Counting down to the 2013 whale watching season!

It’s hard to believe that this year’s whale watching season is just around the corner! We’re definitely looking forward to being out on the water again so we thought we’d share a few pics from last season to get everyone pumped! HarbourSeals1

There have been recently-reported sightings from researchers, local residents and members of the local sightings network alike. Members of the Southern Resident orca pods have been sighted ranging from far further north of Vancouver to as far south as California! Transient (now called “Bigg’s”) mammal-eating orcas have been sighted in the area just days ago! With grey whales making their annual migration from their warm Baja breeding grounds to the cool nutrient-rich waters around Alaska, we may even get some visiting us in search of food!Spyhop2

We look forward to an exciting season and will be posting weekly blogs to keep everyone informed! We also update our Facebook ( and Twitter (@stevestonwhales) pages quite often with pictures and trip updates so we’d be happy for you to all check us our there too!Humpback1

Here’s to a plentiful and succesful year for all our finned friends and to another upcoming season of introducing our guests to these incredible creatures!


The July sunshine ROCKS!!

Check out the amazing news from The Weather Network …

The 14 day trend

Non-stop sunshine for days. We have been thoroughly enjoying this amazing sun out on the water the last few days, and even better, resident orcas have been in our area every day for several weeks now.
Check out our photo updates from the last little while. We love summer!

Jpod in Active Pass

Spyhopping in the Gulf Islands

Orcas (J2 "Granny" and J37 "Hy'Shqa") cruising past harbour seals

L87 "Onyx" with a rainblow

For daily updates, check out our Facebook page!

June 18th – Double dose of resident orca


L91 "Muncher" just about the surface

J27 "Blackberry" off Stuart Island, Washington.

Our first official 2pm departure of the season was a huge success!
After a few days of wild wind and waves, the weather decided to calm down. Along with the calmer seas came two large groups of resident orcas into the area; both J and almost all of L pod were found in the San Juan Islands. We headed down to find them, along the way enjoying mild temperatures and harbour seals resting in the kelp beds.
There were over 50 whales in attendance, and they were in a pretty excitable mood it seemed. We observed some “flirtatious” behaviour between several males and females, youngsters chasing each other, and lots of vocalizing through the hydrophone.
Bald eagles were flying overhead during several parts of our orca encounter, making for an enchanting scene.
Awesome trip!