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Steveston Seabreeze Adventures is a whale watching company based in the historic fishing village of Steveston, BC. We opened our doors in 1998. We are nature-obsessed individuals with a commitment to both observing and protecting the incredible creatures we are privileged to witness each day. We employ a passionate and versatile team; some are local, while others are from all around the world. We offer stellar sea lion and eco-tours as well as fishing charters. Our trained naturalists will guide you through the breathtaking Gulf Islands in search for killer whales, gray whales, humpback whales, sea lions and pacific white-sided dolphins! Our semi-enclosed vessels offer you the best of both worlds, with outside back and upper viewing decks and a protected inside cabin. We only take 23 passengers per vessel so there is plenty of room to walk around with 360-degree views. As of 2017 we also have an open 12 passenger vessel – our zodiac-style boat – for optimal adventure! All boats are equipped with washroom facilities and are coast guard certified and safety inspected annually. It is our highest priority that you feel safe and comfortable while on board with us.

In addition to our devotion to your safety, as our passenger(s), we are devoted to the safety of the wildlife around us. It is our mission to be climate friendly and to help preserve the natural habitat of the beautiful creatures that we stay in awe of every day. Our tours are environmentally conscious and we collaborate with other eco-tour providers to further conservation efforts. A portion of all of our proceeds contribute towards local marine research programs, and we are proud to support and donate to the Pacific Whale Watching Association (PWWA).

The PWWA was created in 1995 to establish guidelines for the responsible whale watching of Southern Resident Killer Whales. The guidelines established include speed and distance limits as well as rules regarding duration of encounters with whales, porpoises and dolphins. These best practices include slowing down and showing respect and caution for wildlife, as well as avoiding approaching the whales. Whales are not to be approached closer than 400 metres away, while resident whales must not be approached. These rules help us learn about whales while making minimal to no impact on their environment. For more information and the full list of best practices, please visit the  PWWA website. We can’t wait to share more of our knowledge and excitement with you on one of our eco-tours!