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Off to an amazing start

We are a mere 2 and half weeks into our 2013 whale watching season and already have fabulous tales to tell of encounters with sea lions, eagles, and orcas. The windy weather kept us off the water for a few days, but once the wind blew itself out, we have been left with sunny days and calm seas.

The spring is the time to see congregations of male California sea lions on the Steveston jetty. There have even been a few steller sea lions hanging out with them! The glossy, dark brown fur distinguishes the California sea lion from the copper tones of the steller sea lion in the photo below.




And the ever enduring harbour seals have been charming us as usual!


The bald eagles have been out in force as well, as they reestablish their nesting sites and start to lay their eggs, in anticipation for the salmon spawning in the summer.


eagle-spieden-web¬†We have had several encounters with transient/Bigg’s killer whales, the marine mammal eating specialists. Several dozen different matrilineal groups have been sighted throughout the Gulf and San Juan Islands the last couple of weeks, here are a few highlights from our encounters with them.




Whales April 2013



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t65A2-T65A4We are eager to share more of this amazing ecosystem with our guests. Don’t forget to keep an eye on our Facebook Page for updates and specials.