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Counting down to the 2013 whale watching season!

It’s hard to believe that this year’s whale watching season is just around the corner! We’re definitely looking forward to being out on the water again so we thought we’d share a few pics from last season to get everyone pumped! HarbourSeals1

There have been recently-reported sightings from researchers, local residents and members of the local sightings network alike. Members of the Southern Resident orca pods have been sighted ranging from far further north of Vancouver to as far south as California! Transient (now called “Bigg’s”) mammal-eating orcas have been sighted in the area just days ago! With grey whales making their annual migration from their warm Baja breeding grounds to the cool nutrient-rich waters around Alaska, we may even get some visiting us in search of food!Spyhop2

We look forward to an exciting season and will be posting weekly blogs to keep everyone informed! We also update our Facebook ( and Twitter (@stevestonwhales) pages quite often with pictures and trip updates so we’d be happy for you to all check us our there too!Humpback1

Here’s to a plentiful and succesful year for all our finned friends and to another upcoming season of introducing our guests to these incredible creatures!