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June 18th – Double dose of resident orca


L91 "Muncher" just about the surface

J27 "Blackberry" off Stuart Island, Washington.

Our first official 2pm departure of the season was a huge success!
After a few days of wild wind and waves, the weather decided to calm down. Along with the calmer seas came two large groups of resident orcas into the area; both J and almost all of L pod were found in the San Juan Islands. We headed down to find them, along the way enjoying mild temperatures and harbour seals resting in the kelp beds.
There were over 50 whales in attendance, and they were in a pretty excitable mood it seemed. We observed some “flirtatious” behaviour between several males and females, youngsters chasing each other, and lots of vocalizing through the hydrophone.
Bald eagles were flying overhead during several parts of our orca encounter, making for an enchanting scene.
Awesome trip!