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May 19th – More marine mammal eating orcas!

T26, a 46 year old female orca

We located 4 transient (marine mammal eating) orcas off Mistaken Island, near Nanaimo. But make no mistake, this was a gorgeous trip! They were traveling north, and swimming slowly under the surface of the water, allowing us to glimpse the white patches on their body flashing below the waves.
Just before we left the scene, the four orcas were joined by at least 9 other transients, making their way north. Wow, what are they up to?? Typically, transient orcas travel in smaller groups, so to see multiple animals suddenly join up into a larger group is intriguing.
On the way home, we stopped in to look at the California sea lions on the Steveston Jetty. These animals are certainly on the menu for transient killer whales, so they will haul themselves out on rocks for protection.

California sea lions hauled out on the jetty