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May 12th – Transient orca surprise

Transient orcas surfacing with Mt. Baker in the background


The sun is still here, and the waters were calm. Our tour set off for the American San Juan Islands for a scenic cruise, when we got a surprise call of transient orca whales back toward Vancouver. We turned around and made it to the area the orcas were last seen. There were at least two groups of orcas, moving north. There was a wonderful mix of young and old whales, males with their huge towering dorsal fins and small calfs. We caught up with T87, possibly T90, and one other female with a calf (appeared to be at least 2 years old). Further off the Valdez Island shoreline was T102 with at least 5 others, including two younger juveniles. They continued to make their way north up the Strait of Georgia, giving us a breathtaking view of Mount Baker in the background as the whales surfaced. Beautiful day on the water, and very exciting with the surprise orca encounter.