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May 7th

The sun has made a much desired return to the Vancouver area, and even better, we had reports of north bound killer whales off Point Roberts. These turned out to be a group of resident orcas! They were spread far apart, taking 5 minute dives, surfacing in sporadic directions, and “sharking”, which seems to be a clear indication that there was lots of foraging going on. Very exciting to see their hunting skills in action! Around the Tsawwassen ferry terminal, they began to porpoise north, and didn’t stop until they passed the coal port, and then continued foraging.  79 year old J8 “Spieden” and J37 “Hy’Shqa” spent most of their time foraging in fairly close proximity to one another, while L87 “Onyx” was several hundred meters ahead of everyone. The orcas began turning south soon after they reached Sand Heads.

79 year old J8 "Spieden" foraging for salmon

L87 "Onyx" in the waters off the Fraser River