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October Sightings and End of Season Blues

First off for those of you who regularly read our blog sorry for lack of content over the past month! September flew by just like the rest of the summer and we all can’t believe we are now 1 week away from the end of our season 🙁 October has brought cooler weather and shorter days but we are still enjoying the beautiful fall colors that lighten up the grey skies! Just like every year, changes on land indicate even better changes on the water. The Steller sea lions have returned to the Belle Chain’s, growling and showing off in hilarious displays of aggression and curiosity of our boats. These interactions have been some of the highlights this month for us as well as our customers.

The Orcas have been doing their typical San Juan Island shuffle and have been seen frequently out near Race Rocks. We even had the delight of finding J’s in Trincomali Channel last week (Galiano Island) initially thinking they were Transients!! It won’t be long now till the killer whales travel south into Pudget Sound to feast on Chum Salmon for parts of the winter.

'Big boy' L-87 Onyx, shows off with a GIANT breach near Race Rocks

The return of several humpbacks have also been the highlight for many of us this month and we hope to continue seeing ‘flukes’ next spring when they return to Alaska for the summer. On special days when all three of these amazing marine mammals have been spotted, along with Dall’s Porpoise, Harbor seals and Eagles, we feel incredible blessed to live and share these beautiful waterways! Thanks to everyone who enjoyed a trip with us this season and we hope to see all of you next summer! Until then, stay warm and dream of whales….you know we will be 🙂

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Till next season! -Claire