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October 16th- Transients! Um wait no, It’s J Pod!!

What a big surprise today! J pod with the K7s and L87 came south through Trincomali Channel today (very rare location for resident whales) at approximately 13:00. They were in a very relaxed and social mood, displaying a range of behavior from spyhopping (three at once!), breaching, porpoising, logging, sharking, cartwheeling, “blowing raspberries”, and even some mating/sexual play going on. At one point, the J4s, J7s, most of the J9s, and K7s came together in what I can only call an “orca soup” or orca dog pile, as they stopped swimming and simply rolled over each other, all the while vocalizing which could be heard above the water. Speaking of which, the hydrophones revealed VERY chatty whales! LOTS of amazing and near constant vocalizing. Incredible day, I will never forget it.~ Tasli Shaw

K25 Scoter when he surprised everyone on board, busting to the surface off the port side.