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Happy BC Day!!

A very warm afternoon greeted the guests on our afternoon trip July 31and better still, the whales were on their way towards Steveston, making for a short but sweet trip out on the water. We were all delighted to watch members of K pod foraging for salmon, giving chase right at the surface, making for a thrilling view of their hunting techniques. The orcas were real show offs today! The grand finale being K21 “Cappuccino” breaching with a giant Chinook salmon clamped between his teeth! We even got a little peek at the newest addition to the southern resident community of orcas, K44, who is just 3 weeks old! He is still very small and sticks very close to mom, but we were lucky enough to see him trying to play in the waves a little bit next to his mom. What a day!-Tasli Shaw, Naturalist

K21 'Cappuccino' surfaces in Boundry