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Into the Fog- July 16th

The morning trip took off into Straight of Georgia with lots of “liquid sunshine” (rain) and fog to greet us. The fog was like a blanket, but the water was as smooth as a mirror, making for an ethereal journey south to find the whales. After wandering the islands for a while taking in the scenery, patience and persistence paid off when the whales suddenly appeared out of the fog. Members of J and K pods greeted us, their sleek black dorsal fins swirling the fog around them. After following along for a few minutes, the whales seemed to guide us out of the fog and into a clear patch of sun, because the shroud finally lifted and we were granted an unimpeded view of the orcas. Our guests were thrilled to watch the oldest whale in the southern resident population, G2 “Granny” (turning 100 years old this summer!), swimming with the youngest whale, K44 (born just a week and a half ago), and the baby’s mother K27 “Deadhead”. The whales were very active, with lots of breaching and frolicking in the gorgeous calm water.

A fantastic day with the whales!- Tasli Shaw, Naturalist

J19 Shachi and a breaching friend

J2 Granny, J16 Slick, J17 Princess Angeline, J19 Shachi and K20 Spoke in the fog