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Happy Independence Day with J’s and K’s..and L87

With a full day of sun in the forecast, this fourth of July was shaping up to be an amazing day out on the water. Our 2 o’clock sailing headed out for San Juan Island; where the whales had been spotted earlier in the day. Everyone on board was treated to calm waters and warm temperatures. We were all enjoying the cruise so much, that the whales were almost a bonus on such a lovely day! Captain Rick spotted the whales just off Salmon Bank, where a group of 15 or so were spread out and foraging for their favorite food … chinook salmon! Our guests were eager to snap photos K13 “Skagit” and her daughter K27 “Deadhead” (named in honor Grateful Dead frontman Jerry Garcia) as they swam through the cold waters off southern San Juan Island.

Just as we were ready to head home, we were treated to a wonderful moment, courtesy of J27 “Blackberry” and his little brother J39 “Mako”. The two were seen chasing salmon right at the surface, just off the stern of the boat. There was certainly a kind of teamwork going on between Blackberry and his little brother, or perhaps, a chance for Mako to learn from his older brother, who is more skilled at catching fish. And last but certainly not least, the always curious L87 “Onyx” made a pass by the boat as we began to make our way back to Steveston. A very special day out on the water indeed!-Tasli Shaw, Naturalist


L87 Onyx and friend