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Happy Summer-July 2, 2011

What a beautiful day! The water was flat calm on our route to the whales, with clear skies and warm air. As we departed from Steveston, we stopped at a nearby eagles’ nest, where our guests saw not only a baby eagle, but one of its watchful parents as well.
The long weekend brought out kayakers, casual boaters, sports fishermen and even water-skiers in the Canadian Gulf Islands. Our guests were treated to a scenic tour of the islands, traveling under the bridge connecting North and South Pender Island, and even passing by beautiful Poets Cove resort.

We found the J pod of southern resident killer whales near the northern end of San Juan Island. Our guests saw cartwheels and tail slaps! But the biggest treat was observing the maturing male, J34 “Doublestuff”, lounging at the surface, with just the tip of his tall dorsal fin cutting through the water. He rolled onto his side, and we could see his striking black and white markings through the water. For a while, it seemed like he was watching us, watching him! Another beautiful day with our beautiful resident killer whales! 

Jennifer Thernes, Naturalist

Bald Eagle with her nest
J34 ‘Doublestuff’ at Surface