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The Return of our Southern Residents

As we approach the end of May, we are excited to see some warmer days in our forecast and move into our peak season on the water. We say that ‘peak season’ is June, July and August based on the fact that our Southern Resident killer whales return for the summer and will stay in sheltered waters of Washington and BC until October. web page alert . The three pods labeled J, K and L consist of ~86 whales and will return to our area to socialize, mate, and feed on their primary food source..salmon!! We have seen a few sightings of J’s and L’s but have yet to see K’s. One of the best times to view killer whales is when all three pods come together to form a superpod!! Here at the office we are already taking wagers on when the first superpod will form but I expect sometime in early June we will see all our residents back in the area. Until then we will continue to be awed by the less studied transient killer whales that have taken over our waters for the months of April and May. Regardless the waters are brimming with sea life and it feels good to be living on the West Coast!

Transients near Galiano Island May 28th