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J-Pod is back!

Our famous J-pod residents came back into the area for the first time this month on April 24th.  On the 25th we spotted them by San Juan Island travelling southwest quickly along the shoreline.  The pod was spread out in several groups of females and juveniles, plus a few larger males including J-27 Blackberry. Unfortunatly J-1 Ruffles was not seen in the pod which brings the group size to 26 individuals. They didn’t stick around for much longer and have probably moved south into Puget Sound for awhile. Resident killer whales feed on salmon and move throughout Washington and BC following the salmon runs, specifically their favorite Chinook Salmon. With declines in many different species of salmon, there is concern that the whales are not getting enough to eat. Vancouver satellite map The future of our wild salmon is unknown, but we are hopeful that our southern resident community continues to thrive in our waters so that we can keep saying hello to old and new friends!

The oldest member of the southern resident community, J-1 last summer was ~60 years old. Ruffles got his name after his wavy fin that looked like a 'ruffles potato chip'