June 9th – We welcome back Lpod into the Salish Sea

Every winter, the resident orca population spends most of their time out of the inland waters around Vancouver (know collectively as the Salish Sea) in favor of better hunting grounds on the outer coast. Lpod is probably the furthest ranging of the three resident orca pods (they have been sighted off Monterey Bay California several times during the winter), so their arrival in the Salish Sea for the first time since the winter is always cause for celebration.

Here is a wonderful photo captured by our naturalist Selena of prominent Lpod member, L41 “Mega” breaching.


L41 "Mega", the largest orca in the southern resident community

Although this was a short visit from Lpod (they disappeared to the outer coast the very next day), they will be back for the big chinook salmon runs that peak in July and September.

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