Whale Watching Tours for Families

People often ask if young children can join the tour. Absolutely! Family whale watching tours are a great way to spend the day on the water and introduce children to the incredible scenery and marine wildlife on our coast! All of our boats have a toilet onboard and indoor, outdoor and upper viewing decks, so you can move around the boat as needed, wherever you and your family are most comfortable. For all ages whale watching in comfort is a must! Our indoor sections can be closed off and heated in cooler seasons when it can be quite chilly on the water. For your younger children (or guests of any age really) who would like to colour, we can provide marine colouring pages to keep young hands busy while we’re travelling in search of whales and other marine wildlife! Family whale watching trips are great for both visitors and locals alike who are looking for a unique way to spend time with your loved ones! Join us on your family adventure today! Family whale watching packages are also available, so ask about these group rates when you book your tour!

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