Eco Tours Vancouver BC

In addition to our Vancouver whale watching tours and fishing charters we offer a number of different eco tours.

Sea Lion Tours

Steveston Sealion ToursIn the spring from April until around mid-May, just around the corner from Steveston Village you can witness migratory California Sea Lions bask in the sun or swim after fish as a group of males spend several weeks feeding at the mouth of the Fraser River on one of our 1 ½ hour long sea lion eco tours. Come and learn all about these large, loud, sometimes smelly, but always endearing creatures on board one of our guided sea lion eco tours along the scenic coastline of the Fraser River Estuary. The Fraser River Estuary is a vibrant ecosystem and offers unique marine wildlife tours and boat tours near Vancouver. A Naturalist will join you on board to explain to you all about what you’re seeing. It’s fun for all ages, and if you’re looking for a great family trip and aren’t sure if everyone in your group is ready for a longer whale watching trip, a sea lion tour is a fun way to introduce the whole family to boat travel while still experiencing some of the marine animals on our coast! Try out a marine wildlife eco tour and you just might keep coming back for more!

These eco tours run from April 1st until mid-May or until the sea lions leave to continue their journey.

Bird-Watching Tours

Join us on a leisurely 2 hour private bird watching tour starting just west of the Gulf of Georgia cannery and Steveston Village. Along the South Arm Fraser River coastline, you’ll head towards the George C. Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary situated on Westham Island, just west of the community of Ladner in the Municipality of Delta, British Columbia, Canada. It consists of nearly 300 hectares (850 acres) of managed wetlands, natural marshes and low dikes in the heart of the Fraser River Estuary.

The establishment of the Sanctuary has helped preserve this valuable habitat for millions of birds passing through this part of the Pacific coast during their annual migrations. Our most famous resident has to be the Bald Eagle! There are up to 15 total species of raptor (Birds of prey, including owls which are a popular draw) and some quite rare sightings such as Black-crowned night heron and sandhill crane. Perfect spot for an eco tour!

Keep your eyes peeled for sandpipers, red-tailed hawk, peregrine falcon, cormorants, guillemots, great blue heron, snow geese, diving ducks and dabbling ducks such as mallards. Whilst trying to spot birds learn about Steveston Village and the surrounding area and estuary from your on-board Naturalist.

This bird-watching eco tour is only available in late summer and fall and is available as a private charter. Please inquire about departure times and group sizes.

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