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Photo of the Month!

T19B chases down an unlucky harbor porpoise

We wanted to share one of our many amazing photos from this month! Taken by our naturalist Selena, this photo is of transient T19B in hot pursuit of a Harbor porpoise. Transients are marine mammal eating killer whales, in our area they mostly forage on seals, sea lions, and porpoises. Although at times it is difficult for our customers to watch these attacks, we have to remember that this is nature ‘at its best’ and we have to respect the intelligence, speed and remarkable power that is required to chase and kill most marine mammals.  Transients never stay long in the area and travel in small groups to avoid being spotted by their prey. As our fall season starts we hope to continue viewing transients in our waters and maybe if we are lucky a little more action like this!

We love hearing from you!!!

We wanted to share a few nice thank you’s we’ve received from our guests in the past couple months! Always great to receive some praise and know that our customers really enjoyed their whale watching experience! Thanks to Matt, Gloria and the Forbes family for their kind words!

We all just wanted to thank everyone we dealt with at Seabreeze yesterday for such a great day. What wonderful staff you have. Both the girl on the phone who booked our trip in the morning and also the girl in the office (Could have been the same person not sure) were very helpful. In particular could you pass on our thanks to Tasli our tour guide that day. What a wonderful young lady and a great ambassador for both your company and the killer whale. We will certainly be booking another trip in the future.

Thank you once again for a great day, Matt Collingwood

My husband and I celebrated our birthdays  whale watching with Seabreeze Adventures July 2008, we didn’t see whales that day, but enjoyed the dolphins and the wonderful boat ride.  I returned by myself in August (Seabreeze gives you a free pass if you do not see whales on your trip) and saw the most magnificent whale show. You could not ask for better tour guides or crew. I have a video of the whales breaching, blowing water and performing like stars in the wide open ocean. I am returning this year, with my daughter and husband to celebrate our July birthdays. 

Thanks Seabreeze for a great memory, fun, and service.  Gloria Nourse.

I just want to say from the bottom of my heart, thank you for an amazing experience!From the very first email explaining our situation with our baby and me expecting again you have been so wonderful and considerate. You provided us with an extraordinary day filled with marine life, calm waters, and blue sky, not to mention the wonderful show the whales put on for us! You were all so accommodating and I truly appreciate that, Thank you!

If we ever get back to BC we’ll be booking in for another tour. Again thank you for making a dream of mine come true! Brad, Amy, Jack and ‘Bump’


A very ‘active’ day in Active Pass-Aug 5th, 2011

A very excited group of customers hopped aboard the “Triple 8” whale watch vessel for our 2pm sailing. The sun was out in full force, and reports of killer whales coming north through Active Pass crackled on the radio. No wonder everyone was so keen to get out on the water! Off we went to meet the killer whales, but before we got there, we saw the massive Chilean sailing ship, Esmeralda. She can carry nearly 400 people and was in the Straight of Georgia on route to Vancouver for themaritime festival. And that wasn’t the only pre-orca treat the day had in store, a humpback whale was spotted just outside of Active Pass! We took the opportunity to watch it for a few minutes before it went on a long dive and out of sight. Then it was off to see the orcas! And did they ever give us an amazing show. All of J and K pod were together, traveling in close groups, socializing and breaching all the way up Active Pass and into the Straight of Georgia. There were plenty of spyhops (where the orca will poke its head out of the water to look around), tail slaps, and even some mating. This was one happy groups of orcas, and it was a delight to be in their company on such an occasion. Definitely one of the best days on the water this season!

Tasli Shaw, Naturalist and Photographer

J's and K's coming through Active Pass

J Pod breach

The Esmeralda


Happy BC Day!!

A very warm afternoon greeted the guests on our afternoon trip July 31and better still, the whales were on their way towards Steveston, making for a short but sweet trip out on the water. We were all delighted to watch members of K pod foraging for salmon, giving chase right at the surface, making for a thrilling view of their hunting techniques. The orcas were real show offs today! The grand finale being K21 “Cappuccino” breaching with a giant Chinook salmon clamped between his teeth! We even got a little peek at the newest addition to the southern resident community of orcas, K44, who is just 3 weeks old! He is still very small and sticks very close to mom, but we were lucky enough to see him trying to play in the waves a little bit next to his mom. What a day!-Tasli Shaw, Naturalist

K21 'Cappuccino' surfaces in Boundry

August Whale Watching Special!

Greetings from a chilly Steveston this morning! Just like most days in July, we are hoping the sun makes an appearance this afternoon! As we head into our last month of summer holidays for most families (sniff sniff), we thought why not celebrate your last remaining days of vacation with a whale watching special! This month we would like to encourage more time spent with family and friends, book 4 people for a whale watching trip and 3 will pay and 1 will go for free*!!  All through the month of August when you call or make a booking online, mention you have seen our blog special and you will receive this group discount!  Take your kids out for an unforgettable opportunity to see whales in the wild or invite some friends out for a scenic trip to see the Gulf Islands and many of our local marine mammals!

Call the office anytime with inquires about our tours! 604-272-7200

* The free individual will be determined by the age category of the group members.

Happy Summer Everyone!

Into the Fog- July 16th

The morning trip took off into Straight of Georgia with lots of “liquid sunshine” (rain) and fog to greet us. The fog was like a blanket, but the water was as smooth as a mirror, making for an ethereal journey south to find the whales. After wandering the islands for a while taking in the scenery, patience and persistence paid off when the whales suddenly appeared out of the fog. Members of J and K pods greeted us, their sleek black dorsal fins swirling the fog around them. After following along for a few minutes, the whales seemed to guide us out of the fog and into a clear patch of sun, because the shroud finally lifted and we were granted an unimpeded view of the orcas. Our guests were thrilled to watch the oldest whale in the southern resident population, G2 “Granny” (turning 100 years old this summer!), swimming with the youngest whale, K44 (born just a week and a half ago), and the baby’s mother K27 “Deadhead”. The whales were very active, with lots of breaching and frolicking in the gorgeous calm water.

A fantastic day with the whales!- Tasli Shaw, Naturalist

J19 Shachi and a breaching friend

J2 Granny, J16 Slick, J17 Princess Angeline, J19 Shachi and K20 Spoke in the fog

Happy Independence Day with J’s and K’s..and L87

With a full day of sun in the forecast, this fourth of July was shaping up to be an amazing day out on the water. Our 2 o’clock sailing headed out for San Juan Island; where the whales had been spotted earlier in the day. Everyone on board was treated to calm waters and warm temperatures. We were all enjoying the cruise so much, that the whales were almost a bonus on such a lovely day! Captain Rick spotted the whales just off Salmon Bank, where a group of 15 or so were spread out and foraging for their favorite food … chinook salmon! Our guests were eager to snap photos K13 “Skagit” and her daughter K27 “Deadhead” (named in honor Grateful Dead frontman Jerry Garcia) as they swam through the cold waters off southern San Juan Island.

Just as we were ready to head home, we were treated to a wonderful moment, courtesy of J27 “Blackberry” and his little brother J39 “Mako”. The two were seen chasing salmon right at the surface, just off the stern of the boat. There was certainly a kind of teamwork going on between Blackberry and his little brother, or perhaps, a chance for Mako to learn from his older brother, who is more skilled at catching fish. And last but certainly not least, the always curious L87 “Onyx” made a pass by the boat as we began to make our way back to Steveston. A very special day out on the water indeed!-Tasli Shaw, Naturalist


L87 Onyx and friend


Happy Summer-July 2, 2011

What a beautiful day! The water was flat calm on our route to the whales, with clear skies and warm air. As we departed from Steveston, we stopped at a nearby eagles’ nest, where our guests saw not only a baby eagle, but one of its watchful parents as well.
The long weekend brought out kayakers, casual boaters, sports fishermen and even water-skiers in the Canadian Gulf Islands. Our guests were treated to a scenic tour of the islands, traveling under the bridge connecting North and South Pender Island, and even passing by beautiful Poets Cove resort.

We found the J pod of southern resident killer whales near the northern end of San Juan Island. Our guests saw cartwheels and tail slaps! But the biggest treat was observing the maturing male, J34 “Doublestuff”, lounging at the surface, with just the tip of his tall dorsal fin cutting through the water. He rolled onto his side, and we could see his striking black and white markings through the water. For a while, it seemed like he was watching us, watching him! Another beautiful day with our beautiful resident killer whales! 

Jennifer Thernes, Naturalist

Bald Eagle with her nest
J34 ‘Doublestuff’ at Surface

Stories from the water-June 26, 2011

It was a rather cloudy day out on the Strait of Georgia, but very warm and the water was like glass. Two pods of resident orcas had been making their way North from Boundary Pass since the morning, so by the time the “Triple 8 II” had left the dock for the afternoon tour, the whales were nearly at the mouth of the Fraser River! Within 25 minutes, we were in the company of orcas! With the help of our guests photographs, we managed to identify the 6 whales we were watching to be the K7 matriline from K pod. domain generator . This family of orcas consists of three generations of whales; K13 “Skagit” is the grandmother with 4 kids of her own, and one grandson named K38 “Comet”.

Our guests were thrilled to watch Skagit’s oldest son K25 “Scoter” chase salmon right at the surface, making huge powerful lunges out of the water to pursue his prey. We watched this tight-knit family feed on Chinook salmon until they began to swim southward again, back toward the San Juan Islands. But since we were in the neighborhood, we stopped in at the Roberts Bank Superport to visit the Steller sea lions before heading back to Steveston. What a fantastic day! ~Tasli Shaw, Naturalist

Juvenile Steller Sea Lions sun bathing on the 'green can'

K25 'Scoter' in the Strait of Georgia

June Summer Special!

We will be officially starting our summer season next Saturday June 18th and as most schools are out this week, we would like to give everyone an opportunity to kick start their holidays with a scenic whale watching trip! For the remainder of June if you mention that you read our blog or seen our posts on twitter/facebook you will receive 15% off your trip. As of June 18th you will have a choice of a 9am or 2pm departure time, keep in mind as we enter our peak season that reservations are highly recommended to ensure you get the exact date and time you want. Any questions regarding the trip or our recent sightings please contact the office anytime!

We look forward to seeing you on the wharf in Steveston this summer!

Juvenile Orca breaches to celebrate the beautiful weather!